The Dinas Head Challenge 2011

Saturday 13th August was the date for annual 8 mile rowing race starting from Goodwick and finishing in Parrog Newport. The event hosted by Newport Boat Club has become a favourite with rowers from all over Wales and with the sea conditions almost perfect along with a brisk SW wind the scene was set for some very fast times. Racing against the clock teams are set off at 30 second intervals with the majority of the teams competing in Celtic longboats, along with two six oared gigs from Porthgain, an Australian surf boat from Newport and the local Fishguard team in their hand built sculling boat “Margaret”, all competing in the open category

With a following wind pushing the rowers around the Dinas Head it was a mixture of tactical coxing and quality rowing that made the difference as they headed on towards Newport . At the half way point it was the Llangwm mixed team in the boat Angharad DJ who had sped passed the early leaders Newport in their Australian surf boat and the Veteran men from Aberaeron. Further back the men’s team from Llanion, Newport and Solva were performing well as they rowed hard to keep up with the 6 oared Cornish gigs from Porthgain.

As the boats finished it was the Llangwm mixed team, captained by Helen Stewart in stroke and coxed by Mandy Griffiths from Fishguard who finished strongly well ahead of the rest of the field and record the best Celtic longboat team on the day and fastest time ever in the their category with an impressive time of 59:25 mins.

However congratulations goes to the team in the Gig Ella Rose who took the fastest boat honours on the day, covering the course just 2 seconds quicker than Llangwm.


Position Category Team Boat Start Time Finish Time Time Taken
1 Open Porthgain Ella Rose 00:04:49 01:04:12 00:59:23
2 Mixed Llangwm AngharadDJ 00:02:02 01:01:27 00:59:25
3 Men Llanion Warriers Freya 00:06:07 01:05:45 00:59:38
4 Men Solva Aunt/Mattie 00:05:12 01:06:35 01:01:23
5 Men Newport Tonnau/Glas 00:03:54 01:05:35 01:01:41
6 Men Aberporth Tilly Whim 00:06:38 01:09:03 01:02:35
7 Men Aberporth Dolwen 00:05:37 01:08:16 01:02:39
8 Open Porthgain Kathrin Rose 00:03:27 01:05:53 01:02:26
9 Mens Vets Aberaeron H/Aeron
10 Open Newport Joy Rider 00:00:36 01:08:17 01:07:41
11 Mixed Newport George Eaves 00:01:04 01:10:14 01:09:10
12 LadyVets Llanion Warriers Oden 00:02:46 01:15:21 01:12:35
13 Open Fishguard Margaret 00:00:00 01:16:29 01:16:29