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Sea Rowing

Sea or coastal and offshore rowing is a sport that is thriving in Europe and growing in popularity across the UK.

Due to the harsher conditions encountered, the boats are wider and more robust than those used on rivers and lakes.


In Wales, the Welsh Sea Rowing Association (WSRA) is responsible for coastal rowing competitions, including the WSRA League, which has two racing categories: Celtic Longboats and Yoles. The races include Junior, Senior, Veterans (40+) and Super Veteran (50+) for mens, ladies and mixed crews.

But there are also many recreational sessions available.

The Celtic Longboat accommodates four sweep oared rowers and a cox while a Yole is a smaller but more versatile boat that accommodates one or two rowers.

Rowing is an activity that requires rigorous movements of almost all important body parts, from shoulders to toes.

Rowing helps to reduce the excessive fats from the upper body regions like arms and back muscles, as well as the lower body parts like thighs and buttocks. Movement of the body helps burn the calories and is a good cardiovascular workout.

Rowing regularly will add strength to muscles in the forearms and shoulders.

Calorie count:

Someone weighing around 180lbs could burn off well over 300 calories in a moderate 30 minute session.

Where can I go?

There are rowing and sailing clubs across Wales that offer recreational and competitive sea rowing for various abilities and ages. During the summer months there are often taster sessions and open days.

The WSRA is the national governing body for coastal and ocean rowing in Wales, and is affiliated to Welsh Rowing, which is the National Governing Body for rowing in Wales. For more information visit

Join your local Welsh Sea Rowing club

Want to get fit and have fun, why not join your local Welsh Sea Rowing Club. The WSRA have club's based all over Wales, so find your local club and go and join it for fitness, fun and friendship.