Welsh Sea Rowing Association Racing

Each of the affiliated Clubs benefit from Membership of the Welsh Sea Rowing Association.

See the Welsh-Sea-Rowing-Association-Constitution-2017.V3.pdf to find out the benefits provided by and the responsibilities of the organisation

Each affiliated club is responsible for reporting any incidents involving sea rowing, to help to monitor and improve safety, using the Welsh Sea Rowing Association Reportable Incident Report Form.

See the Conditions-of-affiliation-to-the-WSRA.pdf document to determine the requirements of each affiliated club.

See the WSRA-Safety-Guidelines.pdf Welsh Sea Rowing Association Safety Guidelines.

WSRA Template Membership documents

Welsh Sea Rowing Association Club Affliliation document.

Welsh Sea Rowing Association Club Safety Audit Checklist.

Club Risk Assessment Checklist.

Welsh Sea Rowing Association Club Members Return Spreadsheet.

Individuals who are to be taken out as passengers in a boat would also need to be affiliated (and therefore insured) through the league. The expectation would be that they would pay the adult or junior WSRA Membership fee to cover this.

Membership of the Welsh Sea Rowing Association has the following benefits for individuals

1. Personal Insurance.

2. Participation in competitive league races.

3. Access to workshops that aim to improve rowing skills and techniques

4. Members can also benefit from the knowledge and enthusiasm of qualified Welsh Sea Rowing Association fixed seat rowing coaches.

In addition, the membership fee enables the Welsh Sea Rowing Association to:

1. Support a website that provides up to date news and information about events, races etc.

2. Administer the races and leagues.

3. Promote the sport of sea rowing to the wider community, ensuring the vitality of the sport and clubs is sustained by new members.

4. Manage the Celtic Longboat design and construction process.

5. Organise workshops to improve rowing skills and techniques.

6. Manage and support a list of qualified fixed seat rowing coaches.

7. Provide a point of contact for individuals and organisations seeking general or specific information about sea rowing in Wales.

8. Liaise with Welsh Rowing to ensure the sport is effectively represented.

9. Supply clubs with Health & Safety advice and recommendations.