WSRA Hosting an Event Guidance

WSRA Official Event Guidance Document

The following document contains detailed guidance on how to host an official WSRA Event WSRA-Guidance-on-organising-events.V5.pdf. It is presented in adobe format so that you can refer to it during your race preparations.

If you have any difficulties with opening files from this page please contact

Welsh Sea Rowing Association Official Race Registration Form

Save time registering for races. Complete Crew Registration entry forms for all of your crews beforehand.

  1. WSRA-Crew-Registration.doc in Word Document Format (doc).

Make sure that you complete the category field and try to name crews consistently from one race to the next.

Clubs can use the Club Registration Form to collate the entries for all members at a specific regatta.

  1. WSRA-Club-Registration.doc in Word Document Format (doc).

Race Day Checklist

The Race Day Checklist helps to ensure that all actions are completed on race day.

A Race Day Checklist form is available here in Microsoft Word format WSRA-League-Race-day-Checklist.doc.

Welsh Sea Rowing Association Rules of Racing

Rules of racing are available. Help bring a bit more order to our races, make sure that everybody in your club reads and understands these rules before their next race.

WSRA-Racing-Rules.V5.pdf This document provides detailed rules and the penalties that can be imposed for not following them and for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Results Returns and Points

At the end of the event the result must be returned to the WSRA. Please use one of the following files to make this return - WSRA-League-Returns-Proforma.xls WSRA-League-Returns-Proforma.ods

At the end of the event any penalties must be recorded and returned to the WSRA. Please use the following file to make this return - WSRA_Race_Day_Incident-Penalty_Form.pdf

WSRA Racing Categories

A detailed explanation of which categories are recognised in WSRA league races is available.